Mission Statement

Our Mission Is to:

  • create a significant awareness of tiny house living,
  • teach people ways to reduce their carbon foot print simply and effectively even if they are not ready to downsize their living space
  • make “living tiny” “living normally”.
  • alter the wasteful mind set that most Americans have
  • Teach others how to adopt a sustainable way of life to effectively improve the quality of life for future generations
  • truly be a part of  changing a nation.
We are now moving forward with our mission by providing helpful tiny house information and detailed tiny house construction information. We don’t charge for this information as we are trying to encourage others to help us build our dream home we are glad to provide as much helpful free information to anyone who supports our cause, even if it’s by sending us an encouraging message.
We aren’t just building a tiny house to park somewhere and live our lives passively, we were uneducated about this way of life, like most other Americans, and since learning about downsizing we’ve dedicated our time and money to promote living a sustainable lifestyle.
  We are not simply part of a project we are part of a MOVEMENT, a revolution, call it a revelation, realizing that you can live and enjoy life comfortably, in a smaller space.

The tiny house love team is made up of three major components:

Jaime Is behind the planning of the house, as far as construction and length of the boards. He Is working with previous employers to learn as much as he can on top of what he already knows so that he can give clear and helpful demonstrations on how to construct a tiny house on top of a trailer.

Khala is behind webpage management and fundraising. She is constantly working on new ways to help teach people about tiny houses and to help those like herself who want to build them but that do not have the money to start the building process.

Our Supporters and Sponsors are blessings in our lives that we thank the world for everyday. Without them our dream would take many years to become a reality and we would miss out on the opportunity to help change our country for the better. By supporting us you are supporting a positive change in the world and making the world a better place for your loved ones.

We are not in this to start a major business, we don’t want to build houses to sell people when they can save money and love their homes even more when they’ve had a literally hand in building it up. We are sharing our message everywhere that we can to draw support and let people who’ve never ever heard of a “tiny house” before a way into the mindset of a tiny house enthusiast, builder, and future owner. All of the funds raised will be used to build our home and to pay for website hosting costs (once we purchase our domain of course).

thank you for Supporting us in our journey to living a tiny and sustainable lifestyle.


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