GOFundME: Help Us build our tiny house

Hello, we are Khala McShan and Jaime Contreras and we are a part of the ‘Tiny House Movement’. 



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What is the Tiny House Movement?

Simply put it’s a social movement where people are decreasing their living space. On average the typical Tiny home is about 100-120 square feet, while the typical American home is around 2600 square feet. Tiny Houses come in many shapes and sizes however they all focus on simplified living, without “clutter”.

People are joining this movement for many reasons however the most common are, environmental consciousness, finances, and seeking freedom and often, as is our case it is all of the above. For according to CNN Money 76% of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck. Recent studies have shown that the average American family’s cost of living in is around$58,600/yr. While Ryan Mitchel at “The Tiny life” says his Cost of living while living in a tiny house is about $15,000/yr. While we don’t think tiny houses are for everyone, there are lessons to be learned and applied to escape the cycle of debt where almost 70% of Americans are trapped in right now

After our tiny home is complete Jaime and will be touring the country. During that time we will hold open Houses in major cities (and some not so major) where we show our home and educate people of the benefits of ‘tiny’ living, And for that we need YOUR HELP. We need 25,000 to cover the costs of materials for the house and at this point in time unfortunately we cannot pay for it ourselves. With Jaime working part time and me working through our website which isn’t profitable yet and babysitting and doing odd jobs to get buy we need to reach out to others to accomplish our goal. But in doing so we are also able to spread the word about “tiny” living. Please help in any way you can, i promise you that all funds will be put to good use :).

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Click here to visit our website and to get updates on us and all things tiny  house related

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