Building Our trailer

I’ve been seriously considering and have decided that we will build our trailer. It’s SO MUCH CHEAPER and you can have a MUCH HIGHER weight limit. That alone will make me sleep better at night. I’ve been looking up information on how to do it and it’s VERY simple and we have friends who are willing to let us use their welding equipment so we’re in the clear :). also I found an awesome tutorial series on YouTube of how to construct your trailer and get this…They sell the plans too. the plans I would need to make an 8×20 trailer are ….$17.99. But get this…if you check out with the code: PLANS  you save 10%! I’ve never been so excited about trailers! Check out the website here and the YouTube channel here

So now it’s time for a major update.

I’ve been working on the building plans for ‘Romance’ (The name of our future home). And I cannot wait to show you guys the details. as I’ve said before it’s a modified cypress 20, but the modifications i showed you before were just for the floor plan. there are all types of new additions on the inside that i haven’t even mentioned. So stay tuned.


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