Tiny House Building checklist

Below you will find our Tiny House building checklist, it’s modeled closely after Ryans list over at The Tiny Life.


Done        Undone

Before the Build

Phase I : Planning

Phase II : Gather Materials

      • Trailer 8×20 flatbed
      • Windows 
      • Lumber
      • Tools 
      • Appliances
      • Professionals
      • Consider when you need to bring in large furniture Make sure big things can fit through door or windows!

Phase III : Construction

      • Leveling
      • Remove Decking 
      • Cut Off Extras (if there are any)

Phase IV : Foundation/subfloor

Phase V : Wall Framing

      • Frame Walls According To Plans
      • Ensure Squareness
      • Test Fit Windows (While Laying Down)
      • Sheath While Laying Down
      • Consider Big Items That Might Not Fit Through Door (Shower Stall, Mattress, Fridge)
      • Raise Walls, Square and Brace
      • Secure Framing To Trailer Via Anchors

Phase VI : Sheathing

      • Measure & Plan Panel Layout
      • Cut All Pieces
      • Allow for 1/8″ expansion gap between sheets of plywood
      • Test Fit
      • Apply Glue To All Studs
      • Tack in Place With A Few Nails
      • Screw Every 3″ On Edges Of Panels
      • Screw Every 6″ Into Studs Covered
      • Ensure You Use Screws & Nails Designed For Treated Wood!
      • After Walls Are Raised, Anchor Plywood To Foundation

Phase VII : Windows And Door Rough Openings

      • Double Check Window Dimensions, Give A Little Extra
      • Cut Out Window Holes 
      • Apply House Wrap 
      • Cut House Wrap – Inverted “Y”
      • Test Fit Window
      • Flash Windows Sills – 5 Degree Angle
      • Instal Windows & Shim
      • Tack With A Few Screws
      • Test Window Functionality
      • Secure Per Manufacture Recommendations
      • Flash Window -Start At Bottom Work Up
      • Leave Bottom Edge Unsealed for Water Drainage

Phase VIII : Roof  Framing

      • Construct Trusses Per Plans
      • Ensure Height Stays Under 13.5 Feet
      • Build Headers For Rough Opening For Skylight

Phase IX : Roof  Sheathing

      • Plan Layout And Dimensions
      • Cut Boards
      • Glue Truss Edges
      • Use “H” Clips Between Sheets
      • Secure With Ring Shank Nails and Screws

Phase X : Install Skylights

      • Build Frame 
      • Test Fit Skylight
      • Install Skylight Per Directions
      • Flash According To Directions

Phase XI : Door(s)

      • Frame Door Frame
      • Purchase Door
      • Test Fit
      • Shim And Secure
      • Install Door Hardware

Phase XII : Siding

      • Tape House Wrap Seams
      • Install Furring Strips
      • Stain siding
      • Hang Siding

Phase XIII : Outside Trim Work

      • Install Fascia Boards
      • Install Drip Edge

Phase XIV : Install Metal Roofing

      • Apply Ice & Water Shield
      • Install Reflection Barrier (Need .5″ Gap)
      • Install Furring Strips
      • Install Roof Per Manufacture’s Recommendations

Phase XV : Rough Plumbing

      • Plan Out Drains, Inlets, Holes In Floor, etc
      • Be sure to check for trailer cross beams under trailer
      • Be Sure To Account For Vents 
      • Be Sure To Account For “P” Traps
      • Be Sure To Account For Proper Slope So Water Drains Well
      • Consult With a Licenced Professional

Phase XVI : Rough Electrical

      • Plan Out Locations of Outlets, Lights, Fans, Sockets Etc.
      • Plan locations for smoke and Carbon Monoxide alarms
      • Consider Your Usage How What Draw You Will Use
      • Consult/Hire A Professional

Phase XVII : Rough Gas Lines

      • Plan Out Locations Needed
      • Highly Recommend Hiring A Professional

Phase XVIII : Rough HVAC

      • Plan Out Locations Needed
      • Consult A Professional

Phase XIX : Insulate

      • Install wool Insulation
      • Foam In Edges
      • Install Vapor Barrier – 6 Mil
      • Ensure your materials and fasteners that come in contact with foam are okay (some react)

Phase XX : Install Major Appliances

      • Water Heater
      • Fridge 
      • Shower
      • Heater 
      • Washer/Dryer Combo

Phase XXI : Reclaimed wood Flooring

      • Install Flooring
      • Cover With Durable Protection Layer

Phase XXII : Walls

      • Hang Wall Panels
      • Trim Around Lights and Edges

Phase XXIII : Kitchen

      • Plan Out Locations Needed
      • Construct Rough Frame For Cabinets and Counter Tops
      • Install Counter Top
      • Drop In Stove And Connect
      • Drop In Sink And Connect
      • Build And Install Cabinet Doors
      • Build In Shelving

Phase XXIV : Bathroom

      • Plan Out Locations Needed
      • Finish The Shower Stall Connections
      • Finish Bathroom Walls
      • Finish Bathroom Storage
      • Connect Toilet 
      • Install Vent 

Phase XXV : Sleeping Loft

      • Install Any Additional Storage
      • Wire In Lights and Outlets
      • Take A Nap, You Deserve It!

Phase XXVI : Main Room

      • Finish HVAC
      • Wire Lights And Outlets
      • Build Any Built In Units
      • Finish Storage

Phase XXVII : Celebrate!

      • Clean The Place Out
      • Move in
      • Decorate
      • PARTY!

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    blog that’s both educative and entertaining, and let me tell you, you’ve hit the nail on the head.
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    I’m very happy I came across this in my search for something concerning this.

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