Our budget for our tiny house is $25,000

I doubt it will cost over $20,000, but we’ve prepared ourselves to spend more if the need is there. here is a rough list of our projected expenses

Trailer  $3500
Wood and Plywood  $1900
Doors  $400
Siding  $1000
Windows  $2000
Flooring  $600
Insulation(wool)  $800
Roofing  $400
Cabinets  $300
Electrical  $1500
Solar  $6000
Hurricane Braces  $2000
Tyvek  $200
Window Wrap Tape  $20
Toilet  $150
Sink and plumbing  $500
Water Heater  $300
Fridge  $200
Stove  $300
Pink Slip/Registration  $100
Tools  $3000
Total  $24270
Round up  $25000

If you or your company would like to donate any of the above listed materials contact me here


3 thoughts on “Budget

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  2. Sounds like it is going to be a super dooper beautiful house. I ought to get around to sharing my budget on my blog. It’s funny, isn’t it – we are kind of brought up to not talk about money. However, it’s the thing we most like to read about. I love reading other peoples budgets – it helps me form my own.

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