The Small House Catalog

IMG_6072I came across this lovely webpage today called The small house catalog. I’m not sure if I’ve simply overlooked it in the past however I’m glad I found it on esty today. It’s run by Shawn and Jamie Dehner who have lived for the past two years in one of their own designs called the Moschata Rolling Bungalow. This orange beauty cost them around $17,000 to build, sits on a lot the couple owns and contains a full kitchen where they are able to cook and bake, a bathroom with a sink, an RV sized tub and a shower and toilet.

The Small House Catalog designs, plans and sometimes builds small houses. Their designs are reminiscent of  the houses of the early 20th Century and are cozy, comfortable and cute to boot! Both their houses and plans are VERY  affordable for the average person here is a link to several of their plans. The Small House Catalog also has a great blog that covers many tiny house issues including design, aesthetics, small house styles and reviews.









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