Tiny House Floor plans

So I’ve been playing around with a few tiny house floor plans and I do believe that I’ve found the winner. It’s a modified cypress 20 it lacks a porch built on the trailer bed and instead has a longer kitchen counter it also has a larger closet/storage area. We want to be able to have a small dresser in that area so that all of our clothing items can be stored together.




with this adjustment we’ve decided that the best route to go will be fore us to purchase the cypress 20 plans from tumbleweed. Well tell me, what do you think of our slightly modified floor plan? are their any changes that you would make?


6 thoughts on “Tiny House Floor plans

  1. I like the design a lot. But from experience, I dont know if you’ll have enough storage. I realize we are minimalist people, but still, storage is needed. Keep that in mind. Also, the way you have it set up, with the choke in the middle (closet, bathroom) really kills off the feeling of openness, and will make the space look smaller. Please don’t think I am being harsh, if you want to email me thoughts, or if you get stuck somewhere, my name is Joel Fleck (Joelefleck@gmail.com) and I’ll talk shop with you or just general tiny house thoughts. I dont have a website, but you can google image my name and my house pops up.

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