Four of my favorite tiny houses

1.Tiny Tack House

I just love this house! It was built by Chris and Malissa from Tiny Tack House their floor plan is very open and i just love the wood interior siding. 



the outside is just as cute




2. Rowdy Kittens 

What I find most lovable about their design is that they have two doors. the main door and also double doors on the side



here’s a view of the second door


check out their webpage here


3. Mendy’s Tiny House this house has a special place in my heart because the exterior is classic as far as tiny houses go but once you’re inside you’re greeted with modern and contemporary style, it’s amazing like a breath of fresh air.





4. Fortune Cookie Vardo

This House is too amazing. it’s in the shape of a fortune cookie/taco 




Kera the Owner of this humble home says

‘I love my tiny house’ she says. 
‘If it weren’t for downsizing I wouldn’t really be as happy. I wouldn’t be in a community living situation that I absolutely adore and I wouldn’t have the opportunity to travel as much as I do.
And I’m incredibly blessed by the adventure that living in a small space brings.’ and i couldn’t agree with her more. click the link above to learn more bout her home. 



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